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What We Offer?

With Online Calling you can now say goodbye to massive phone bills and fees when making international calls. Put an end to the surprises. That's it. No new phone to buy, no monthly fees to maintain.

Free Online Calls  

Call From Any Phones

With Online Calling, you can call other users online for free when using your computer or smartphone (Internet, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi). Plus you’ll love our super cheap rates to mobile and landlines starting at ˝ a penny/minute.

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Android Dialer iPhone Dialer

Offline Access

No Internet access? No problem! Dial one of our many access numbers from over 30 Countries, and just dial the person’s number you wish to call...anywhere in the world. No data plan necessary, keep it old school.

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Personal Phone Number

Call From Any Phones

Your friends and family call your Online Calling number, you answer with Online Calling, no matter where you are in the world. Purchase your own Online Calling phone number in any of the 30 countries available. Prices start as low as $1 / month.

Call Forwarding

Set up call forwarding to your mobile or landline phone. Instead of missing a call you will now just receive it wherever you need it.

Call From Any Phones

SMS Online

Send SMS messages to friends around the world from your account. The costs for international text messages start for as little as 2˘.

Account Management

Call From Any Phones

Manage your Online Calling features and account details all through your web browser. It is easy and friendly.

Calling & Account Details

Say goodbye to massive phone bills. No more surprises. With you know exactly how many minutes you talk & what you’re paying.

Quick Credit & Auto Recharge

Call From Any Phones

Add money to your account balance. With just a few clicks you can start making phone calls to your family and friends around the world.