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Free Online Calling

Plus save on global calls to mobile and landline phones around the world at great low calling rates.
Online Calling is the smart way to connect on your international calls with friends & family for FREE and at extremely cheap rates. Calling from your Mobile phone, PC, Smartphone, or Home phone has never been easier with our all in one international calling service. Sign up now and stay connected with
Free Online Calls & Save up to 90% on international calls to mobile and landline phones
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International Rates
(cents per minute)
Here is a small example of the rates we offer to mobile and landline phones.
  Australia Australia 1.2 ¢/min Bangladesh Bangladesh 2.6 ¢/min Canada Canada 0.6 ¢/min  
  Colombia Colombia 3.6 ¢/min Egypt Egypt 7.1 ¢/min France France 70.0 ¢/min  
  Germany Germany 0.9 ¢/min Ireland Ireland 0.8 ¢/min Israel Israel 0.7 ¢/min  
  Italy Italy 0.7 ¢/min Japan Japan 1.6 ¢/min Jordan Jordan 12.8 ¢/min  
  Kenya Kenya 15.4 ¢/min Kuwait Kuwait 5.0 ¢/min Malaysia Malaysia 2.5 ¢/min  
  Niger Niger 30.2 ¢/min Nigeria Nigeria 2.4 ¢/min Philippines Philippines 8.5 ¢/min  
  Russia Russia 1.9 ¢/min South Africa South Africa 1.7 ¢/min Taiwan Taiwan 1.4 ¢/min  
  United Kingdom United Kingdom 0.7 ¢/min Vietnam Vietnam 5.5 ¢/min